Thuja occidentalis ‘Totem Smaragd’ PBR – novelty 2019

Thuja occidentalis Totem Smaragd can grow in decorative containers on the terrace or balcony, as a solitary plant in the garden, and as a low hedge.

What impresses?

  1. a characteristic, very narrow shape – it is only 40 cm wide, similar to the Italian Cupressus sempervirens!
  2. moderate growth, because it grows up to 2-2,5 m
  3. light green, fresh leaf color
  4. frost resistance up to -20˚C.


Totem Smaragd is awarded:

  • with the silver medal at the GrootGroenPlus novelty competition in 2019 (Boskoop, NL)
  • Grand Prix of the Gardenia Trade Show in 2020 (Poznań, PL)


Click here and download Thuja occ. Totem Smaragd PBR leaflet

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