Dwarf raspberry Yummy – tiny and tasty

If your customers have limited space in the garden, or just a terrace or a small patio, and still dream of fresh, hand-picked raspberries (because they have the most wonderful taste and aroma), offer them a raspberry Yummy.   With Rubus idaeus BobBonBerry┬« Yummy, already the name sounds tasty! Well, fruits can ripe in the […]

Blackberry ‘Purple Opal’ – mini plant, big fruits

Miniature blackberry with great fruiting potential What do you see in front of your eyes when you think of a blackberry? Do you see the same as I, so the first of all long shoots, strong, large and rather expansive plant? We have good news. Finally, we can grow these tasty and healthy fruits in […]

Rubus ‘Tayberry’ – download our ebook

Rubus Tayberry is very fruitful and resistant to disease. Up to 4 kg of fruits can be obtained from the adult plant.   The fruits are large, about 4 cm long, dark red or maroon, juicy, tasty and aromatic. Fruits ripen successively from the mid-July to the end of August. They are a great source […]