Deutzia Raspberry Sundae – fresh delivery from the candy store

Deutzia Raspberry Sundae flowers along the whole branch Blooms with pink-purple flowers from mid-spring to midsummer.   Deutzia Raspberry Sundae is a new beauty for the garden. Raspberry Sundae gives bright, large flowers and flowers along the whole branch. Blooms with pink-purple flowers from mid-spring to midsummer. This Deutzia branches easily and gives a nice […]

Prunus laurocersus Sofia is frost resistant to -25ᵒC

Prunus laurocerasus Sofia is exceptionally beautiful and… resistant to frost, and at the same time is evergreen.   Sofia has very nice, narrow leaves with serrated edges. It looks much more delicate (and also more exotic) than other laurels. It can be planted as solitaire or in groups, e.g. as a hedge. In sunny positions, […]

Pyracantha Red Star is a real star among the firethorns

Pyracantha Red Star has fewer thorns and more berries In June, it is besprinkled with white, small flowers. In August, small, initially green, fruits appear, which turn red in September.   Their beautiful, bright and intense color lasts until Christmas, or longer – sometimes even till February, which is a great garden decoration. It can […]

New varieties of Hydrangea paniculata – launched in 2019

In recent years, Hydrangea paniculata is the undisputed queen of gardens. Every year, new and more beautiful varieties appear. This year we have introduced another three.   Hydrangea paniculata Graffiti in the early stages flowering behaves like a good girl from a good home, little lady. Gently celadon, lime flowers gathered in large inflorescences don’t […]

Hydrangea arborescens Candybelle® Marshmallow – the gold medalist from Moscow

Hydrangea arborescens Candybelle® Marshmallow has been recognized as one of the most interesting new plants that appeared on the market this year.   Marshmallow, like other varieties of Hydrangea arborescens, is hardy and easy to grow. A strong spring cut and regular watering are enough to enjoy large, light pink (salmon) flowers every year. The […]

Diervilla – three colors, all bee-friendly

Diervilla attracts bees, butterflies, and… us Diervilla is an interesting shrub that allows you to create colorful combinations because there are varieties available with green, yellow, and maroon leaves. All of them are frost-resistant, and the flowers attract bees and butterflies.   Bush honeysuckle – Diervilla, belongs to the family Caprifoliaceae and grows naturally in […]

Hydrangea arborescens ‘Golden Annabelle’ – two-color beauty

Hydrangea arborescens Golden Annabelle is something especially for the fans of Hydrangea arborescens. The novelty launched in 2018 is like a younger sister of the normal ‘Annabelle’.   The main difference between Annabelle and Golden Annabelle is in the leaves color. ‘Golden Annabelle’ has beautiful, golden-green leaves. Pruned shortly in the spring will bloom abundantly […]

Miss Saori bred with love

What a romantic story! The Japanese breeder Ryoji Irie loved his wife so much that he named with her name one of the nicest and the most awarded variety of Hydrangea macrophylla of You&Me series.   This Hydrangea was presented as a debutant at the RHS Chelsey Flower Show and immediately was chosen as the […]

Champagne for… bees! Spiraea japonica Sparkling Champagne

Champagne for… bees! Last months we hear that bees are in danger. These hard-working insects, without which we will not have the majority of favorite food products, need more support from our side.   Therefore, we encourage you to plant Spiraea japonica, which is on the list of bee-friendly plants because it gives them nectar […]

Hydrangea paniculata Skyfall

Hydrangea paniculata Skyfall invariably reminds me of comics about Asterix and Obelix. The ancient Gauls, the main characters of these comics, were afraid of one thing – that the sky would fall on their heads. I wonder how they would cope with the amazing impression that this hydrangea makes.   Hydrangea Skyfall has huge inflorescences […]