Hoogenraad always delivers to the agreed place at the agreed time. All products are labelled and packaged as agreed with you. In consultation with us, it is, of course, also possible to split an order and deliver it to several addresses. We are more than happy to offer this service.



Plants and shipments can be delivered with a clear label on which various details can be shown, such as the plant name, size and price. However, it is also possible to add name labels to entire shipments, so that parts of the order can be easily sent on.

The associated costs will be included in our quotation.


For the vast majority of our range we have clear and attractive photo labels containing easy-to-understand (consumer) information. These labels are available in a number of different languages. We can add the costs of these labels to our quotation on request.



Shipments are delivered in box pallets, on CC racks or in VM crates, depending on your choice and how you work.



Dimensions price in € P9 P12 C1,5 – C2
CC-rack 0,56×1,36×2.4 m 150,00 ca. 500 ca. 400 150 – 225
Box pallet 1,0 x 1,2 x 1,0 m 21,00 ca. 1.100 ca. 550 ca. 300
Ring (ext.) 1,0 x 1,2 x 0,4 m 8,50 ca. 400 ca. 250 ca. 100
VMH-crate 0,4 x 0,6 x 0,3 m 3,60 ca. 40 ca. 30
VML-crate 0,4 x 0,6 x 0,2 m 2,60 ca. 24 ca. 15
Pallet 1,0 x 1,2 x 0,2 m 6,80