You can, of course, contact us about any products you want to order. We have also become a specialist in supplying complete order lists. However large your order list may be, you can be confident that all your plants will be delivered, simultaneously wherever possible, to a single address and always at a competitive price.


You can contact us at any time and we will arrange deliveries that meet your requirements. Any agreements we make will be set out in a quotation. This will not only indicate the price, sizes and quality of our products, but also the agreed method of transport, the costs and the terms and conditions that apply. Everything is therefore documented in the clearest possible terms.



All our plants are clearly labelled and, if necessary, can be packaged separately and identifiably based on the reference number. This is particularly useful if you place orders for several of your customers at the same time.


We have our own truck and also work together with various transport companies (including firms offering refrigerated transport). That means we are able to offer you an excellent and swift logistics service.