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Our nursery covers an area of more than 15 ha. This area is divided between a number of locations a short distance apart. Greenhouses and tunnels account for just over 3 ha of the site, while the rest is a container field used for cultivation in pots. All in all we cultivate more than 5 million plants every year, comprising roughly 1,000 different varieties. During the high season we employ up to 50 or 60 staff.



Hoogenraad Handelskwekerijen only supplies its products to growers and commercial partners in the Netherlands and abroad. We do not supply to private individuals.


We have built up considerable knowledge and experience in the area of in-vitro plant cultivation over many years. This propagation technique has become less important due to improvements in conventional cultivation methods. However, plant tissue culture is still considered the best option for varieties that are more difficult to propagate, such as Rhododendron, Syringa, Viburnum, Betula, Magnolia, Cotinus and Vaccinium.



In recent years we have minimised our use of chemical pesticides. Wherever possible we use organic agents and natural enemies to control pests. Our short-term aim is to completely eliminate all products that are harmful to the environment.


In 2015 the nursery celebrated its 50th anniversary. It started out on a 1 ha plot and our offices are still located there today: Rijksweg 30a in Ederveen.

In the early 1970s, Gerrit Hoogenraad, the nursery’s founder, believed that moving away from open-ground cultivation towards cultivation in pots was the future. He was one of the first growers in the Netherlands to purchase a potting machine.

Gerrit is still actively involved in the nursery’s activities, although responsibility for its day-to-day management has now been passed to his son Sebastiaan and daughter-in-law Hannie.

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